Online Project Management Training Courses

Online Project Management training courses are a particularly useful method of study for busy project professionals. Online courses are generally cheaper than the traditional classroom versions, yet contain the same amount of information. These days, project management online courses do not have to be slide after slide of text pasted into html. Rather, using instructional online learning best-practice, they can be interactive, engaging, gamified and visually appealing. We say “can be” as not all training providers have invested in new, latest generation, online learning design.

20|20 have!

A common question we are asked is about the supporting materials available with an online Project Management training course. With 20|20’s online APMP for example, the supporting documents available online include the APM Body of Knowledge 6 Reference Manual; an Exam Preparation Guide with sample questions; a guide to Earned Value Management; a copy of the APM Level D syllabus; the APM marking scheme and a document about APMP for PRINCE2 (only relevant for those upgrading from PRINCE2 Practitioner). These materials are included free with the course and you are able to download and print once.

As you can see, all of the information that you need to prepare for the exam is there on the system for you.

Throughout the online Project Management training courses from 20|20, are embedded excercises, tests, games, challenges and more. They are there to ensure that the learner is on the right track. That they are taking in the knowledge and are able to retrieve it when asked. The interactivity of the online games are key in keeping the course interesting and engaging. Simple multiple choice tests are just not good enough these days.

All 20|20’s online Project Management training courses are fully accredited by the Association for Project Management (APM) and the Project Management Institute (PMI) depending upon the course. It is important that you choose an accredited course for project management online courses in the UK so that you know what you are getting. Indeed, if you choose 20|20’s APM Introductory Certificate online, you also have the option of taking the qualification exam online as well. You can purchase this option on this site, get access to the course, study online, take the exam online and receive your result instantly. A seemless, effective and efficient system. By far the cheapest way of achiving this qualification.

20|20’s online Project Management training courses are available as individual courses, or as a whole organisational solutions. Enterprise Licences can be provided and these give flexibility of management for multiple users. They give the most cost-effective solutions for organisations looking to provide organisation- or team-wide training packages. They give the option of embedding the online training courses on client Learning Management Systems as all of 20|20’s online Project Management training courses are fully SCORM compliant. An online training course programme can be provided as a White Label package or skinned with your branding. All this can be done without affecting the accreditation of the training courses.

20|20’s online Project Management training courses are the ideal solution for both the individual and the organisation.