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Flexible and appropriate

20|20’s PMI on-line learning allows learners to study the entire PMI Body of Knowledge. It can be used in packages suitable for CAPM and PMP qualifications or it can be used to study topic-specific modules in isolation.

Organizations have different needs for knowledge and learning in different parts and at different layers. 20|20’s unique Corporate Solution package gives you all of the options that you need to deliver appropriate on-line training to project teams across the world.

True e-Learning experience

The 20|20 on-line system has been developed using gamification and true e-learning best-practices. It is not simply course content pasted into html as text. It is media-rich and full of engaging activities to fully bring the learner on the most effective journey to knowledge as possible. There are questionnaires, games, challenges, multi-choice, audio packages and so much more to make this the cutting-edge, game-changing system that it is. Your learners will be getting the very best on-line learning experience possible in the Project Management market.

Fully SCORM-compliant

20|20’s system is fully SCORM-compliant. It can be loaded onto your Learning Management System easily and with full confidence. It is as easy as plug-and-play. You can have accredited, appropriate, contextualized Project Management learning in multi-languages at the finger-tips of every single employee quickly and effectively.

White Label

20|20 can set this on-line learning system up as a white label product. This means that it can be badged and skinned with your organization’s branding. To any of your employees accessing the learning, it will look like your own product. This gives pride of ownership to learners and the knowledge that the very best on-line training package has been developed for their benefit.


20|20’s on-line learning is accessible in FIVE languages and counting! This is something that we believe puts us way above any competitor. We can deliver appropriate, contextualized, branded, on-line learning to every one of your project staff wherever they are in the world. At the same time we can also deliver very specific learning with laser-accuracy to individuals. In their language. You can have common standards across teams, across countries and across projects. Every project should not be an island, and 20|20’s on-line learning goes some way to addressing this. At the time of printing, languages available are English, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian. More are on the way too.

The different language versions have been put through strenuous Quality Assurance using both language experts and local language Project experts to guarantee the accuracy of every single version.

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