Have You Ever Thought About a Career in Project Management?

Before we go any further, it’s worth pointing out that the term ‘a career in project management’ could be a career in just about any industry in just about any area of business. Project managers are everywhere these days, and they are absolutely essential to the smooth-running of companies in so many sectors. Having said that, they are particularly indispensable in the following industries:

  • finance
  • construction
  • events management
  • telesales
  • architecture
  • manufacturing
  • engineering
  • real estate development

Not to mention technology and biotechnology, insurance and banking, pharmaceuticals and the internet. And offices. And the freelance world. Basically if there’s a project – this can be a product that needs to be launched, a technology that needs to be conceived and developed, or a strategic partnership that needs to be set up and led – then there’s a need for a project manager.

How to train for a project management career…

There are a wide range of project management training courses run by 20|20 Business Insight all across the UK. There is, for example, the fully accredited Association for Project Management (APM) Introductory Certificate.

This course has been carefully designed to map out the essentials of project management. Participants gain confidence by developing an awareness and understanding of key project terminology, whilst receiving a firm foundation of project management knowledge. It is a great way for those with some practical experience to review and consolidate, as well as offering an ideal first perspective to participants who are new to the field.

The APM Introductory Certificate aims to helps individuals recognise and understand the key aspects of a project and how their own role fits within it. It seeks to engage participants in an active case study, allowing them the opportunity to obtain a profound understanding of the available techniques and tools of project management through direct experience.

Who is the training for?

The APM Introductory Certificate is designed for people who are new to project management and to those who are not actually project staff but who would like a basic understanding of project management terminology and the project environment as a whole.

There are a great many benefits of doing a course such as the APM certificate, for individuals and organisations alike. From an organisational point of view, having your entire project staff familiar with all of the standardised terminology rapidly increases not only efficiency, but also morale. A project team that communicates effectively and clearly also tends to have members who feel more valued. They feel like they’re really being given an opportunity to use their talents as an integral part of a team.

So that you can choose which sector in which you’d like to specialise, all of our training courses are accredited to individual industry-specific bodies.

If you’re considering a career in project management, your first step should be to call us at 20|20 Business Insight today.