APM PFQ online course PLUS online exam

£395.00 Array

Study for the APM PFQ online and then book a slot for your online exam. You will need a working webcam. Upon passing the exam, you will be awarded the APM PFQ by the APM.

The price listed here is excluding VAT and includes the APM’s exam fee.


Product Description

This APM PFQ online course is an ideal way to study  at your own pace for the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification. You will be able book your slot for the online exam at a time that suits you – all you will need is a computer connected to the internet and a basic webcam. You will be monitored by the online proctoring company appointed by the APM through your webcam.

APM Project Fundamentals Qualification is the starting point for the APM’s qualification pathway. It is an excellent qualification to get for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, if you are new to projects, or are planning to work in project-based environments, studying for this qualification will give you a clear understanding of a project life-cycle. It will show you the key elements that the APM have identified as essential for effective project management. It will give you a great base from which to become a project management expert and a recognised one at that.

Secondly, if you want to achieve the APM Project Management Qualification (APM PMQ) level, we strongly advise you to complete the APM PFQ online course first. The APM PFQ is a terminology and definitions -based qualification. It teaches you the “language” of the APM. The terms and definitions that the APM use throughout their Body of Knowledge. This Body of Knowledge lays out how the APM have identified is the best way to manage projects, and as such it provides the knowledge that you will be tested on for the APM PMQ. The APM PMQ is a difficult qualification, with a three-hour written exam. Knowing the “language”, the terms, the definitions and the basic project life-cycle from the APM PFQ will put you in a much stronger position to pass the APM PMQ.

Here is a Project Management Qualification Map on our sister site, www.2020projectmanagement.com.